Power Electronics Design Services

Meftronics offers customization of existing products, the development of new products when they have applications beyond a single client’s needs, and limited consulting services.  Please feel free to contact us with inquiries here.

If you have an idea for a product, but need a consulting engineer to fill in the electronics, please consider working with our partner business, SemiAxis, LLC.  At the core of SemiAxis are engineers Adam Davis and Will Mefford, whose experience is extensive and varied–Adam is a seasoned embedded systems engineer and expert programmer, while Will has focused his work on power electronics, electric machinery, and analog design.  The variety in experience allows them to confront a wide range of problems and take an electronics project from the initial concept through prototyping, ready for manufacture.  SemiAxis also frequently partners with other engineers to fill in knowledge gaps, meet deadlines, and improve the quality of its work.

Projects, past and present, include:

-Additive synthesizer, analog/digital hybrid

-Analog buck converter controller

-Voltage controlled ring oscillator

-Single-phase inverter, 4.5kW

-Single-phase rectifier, 1.8KW

-Automated yarn winder controller, 120W

-Solid State Tesla Coil museum exhibit

-Pneumatically powered battery charger, 60W

-BLDC (three phase PM motor) motor controller and drive

-Arduino based BLDC motor phase advance controller

-PIC based EEG data acquisition with integrated Bluetooth

-Embedded impact sensor with integrated Bluetooth