Meftronics supplies the modules shown in the following tables, which can be directly purchased through Digi-Key or by requesting a quote. Power electronics modules or systems can also be custom designed through SemiAxis, LLC here. And for application notes and power electronics tutorials, visit this page.

Single Phase Inverters/H-Bridges

Bus Voltage (V) Max Current (A) Rated Continuous Current (A) Rated Power (W) Max Frequency (kHz) Isolation Cooling Fault Protected Sensors Price Quantity Available Part Number and Datasheet
365025875150NonePassiveNoNone$187.005 SPI-DCI-35V-50A-BB-NF-1
3650431500 150NoneFansNoNone$240.000 SPI-DCI-35V-50A-BB-WF-1
365025 875 150 None PassiveYesBus Voltage, Phase Current, Temperature$300.005SPI-DCI-35V-50A-NI-NF-1
3650431500 150 None Fans Yes Bus Voltage, Phase Current, Temperature $353.005 SPI-DCI-35V-50A-NI-WF-1
365025 875 150Isolated Passive Yes Bus Voltage, Phase Current, Temperature 0 SPI-DCI-35V-50A-I-NF-1
3650431500 150Isolated Fans Yes Bus Voltage, Phase Current, Temperature 0 SPI-DCI-35V-50A-I-WF-1
20075406800 150IsolatedFansYes Bus Voltage, Phase Current, Temperature 0 SPI-DCI-200V-80A-I-WF-2

Passive Single Phase Rectifiers

Rated Input Voltage (Vrms)Max Bus Voltage (V)Rated Continuous Current (Arms)Rated Power (W)Max Ripple Voltage Peak-to-Peak (V)Capacitance (uF)CoolingPre-ChargingPriceQuantity AvailablePart Number
120200151500127,800 Passive No0
120200151500127,800 Passive Yes0