Electronics Design Services

If you have an idea for a product, but need an engineer to fill in the electronics, my experience is extensive and varied, allowing me to confront a wide range of problems and take an electronics project from the initial concept through prototyping, ready for manufacture.

By training, I specialize in power electronics and have designed several inverters ranging from tens of Watts to kiloWatts as well as integrated off-the-shelf modules for systems not requiring significant customization.  Applications have varied from electric scooters to pneumatically powered battery chargers to Tesla Coils.

Outside of power systems, I have designed a variety of analog and digital circuits for a wide range of applications from motor controllers to Bluetooth communication.  I have experience designing hardware with a range of devices from operational amplifiers and logic gates to micro-controllers.

I also frequently partner with other engineers to fill in gaps in my own skill-set and improve the quality of my work.  For most consulting jobs, I work with Adam Davis, partner of SemiAxis, LLC, who has over 20 years of experience.  And if I do not exactly fit what you are looking for, it is likely that I can bring together a small team to complete the task or refer you to someone who can so please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Projects, past and present, include:

-Additive synthesizer, analog/digital hybrid

-Analog buck converter controller

-Voltage controlled ring oscillator

-Single-phase inverter, 4.5kW

-Single-phase rectifier, 1.8KW

-Automated yarn winder controller, 120W

-Solid State Tesla Coil museum exhibit

-Pneumatically powered battery charger, 60W

-BLDC (three phase PM motor) motor controller and drive

-Arduino based BLDC motor phase advance controller

-PIC based EEG data acquisition with wireless communicaion