A Little About Me

Hello!  And thanks for visiting. 

Since 2010, I have filled a variety of electrical engineering roles with several teams and organizations ranging from university and corporate labs to start-ups.  Most of this work has been related to power conversion in one way or another–transistor level inverter design to module integration–though, I have also made successful forays into analog circuit design, embedded systems, programming, and mechanical part design.  Along this winding path, I have had the pleasure of working with many creative, intelligent engineers who form a network I can draw on for advice as well as partner with for larger projects. 

My crowning achievement thus far has been designing and building the driving and control electronics for a Tesla Coil which was built by a fellow engineer, finally marrying my love of Power Electronics, music, and megalithic science experiments.  Information about this project can be found here.  Of course, I have also brought several other more practical projects to life for employers and clients, some of my favorites being

-Current Motor’s patented outer rotor PMAC motor field-weakening strategy

-Arduino based controller for a dynamometer to test electric motorcycles

-Inverter platform for controls development of a novel heat pump

-Pneumatically powered battery charger

My current resume, which gives a more exhaustive list of past work and present skills, can be made available upon request.

Hopefully, we can find a way to work together to realize whatever project you are working on.